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I’m back on Twitter again for a short hiatus. Well, a actually it wasn’t short. What I’m enjoying about Twitter is developing my PLN by following others in the ed. tech field. I’m finding all sorts of forums to join in on. (I just added comments to a Voice Thread about how administrators can support […]

Screen Recordings: Jing vs. Screencast-o-Matic

For technology reasons, I was without my machine running Snow Leopard, therefore without capabilities to screen record from the new QuickTime. This resulted in a neat experiment of trying out Jing as well as Screencast-o-Matic. I began with Jing, which seemed simple enough. I recorded my Moodle tutorial and proceeded to upload it to my […]


Webspiration is an online beta version of Inspiration, and content-mapping software. Although it has potential to be a collaborative tool for users to create, draft, brainstorm, and diagram, I found very few examples available. ¬†Yes, there are examples and templates built in to the website. You can also find examples on the Inspiration website. But […]

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